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The Lost Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci and the Portrait of

Isabella d’Este

In 2013 an oil painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci appears in Lugano, the portrait of Isabella d'Este, Marchioness of Mantua. The owner of the painting, Emidia Cecchini, is about to sell it for 140 million euros when Italy accuses her of illegal export. The painting is confiscated, but Switzerland does not release it.

For 500 years it was not known whether Leonardo completed the portrait of Isabella d'Este, whose sketch is hanging in the Louvre. Expert examinations of the painting found in Lugano show similarities with Leonardo da Vinci's way of working and put the age on the time of the Renaissance. For the first time in this film the photographs of the examinations are published. The Italian Emidia Cecchini, 74, who inherited the painting from her father, is sentenced to 14 months in prison by an Italian court for illegally exporting a cultural asset. Italy does not believe her that the painting has always belonged to her family and has been in Switzerland for many years and asks Switzerland for legal assistance and restitution of the painting. Will Switzerland follow Italy’s request or protect the owner's property? The story that takes on the contours of a thriller had a final turning point recently. Annette Frei Berthoud reconstructs in this documentary the whole story, gives voice to the owner, the lawyers, the historians, the art historians.

Wednesday 16 October    21:05   RSI

Cast and Crew

Georgia – Myths and Modernity

Georgia, the country in the Caucasus, has its own language and writing and is known as the cradle of wine. The traditional choirs and folk dances are important for the identity of the people. Georgia is one of the oldest Christian countries and the most modern in the region. After a successful fight against corruption, everyday life and bureaucracy are fully digitalized. The new transparency is symbolized in the capital Tbilisi by modern architecture with a lot of glass, but at the same time the enchanting old town disintegrates. Young men and women, an artist, an entrepreneur, a bishop and a Swiss with a Georgian passport tell of their Georgia and what they want for the future. Does Georgia manage the balancing act between preserving tradition and the digital age, between Russia and Europe? A film about a small country with great ambitions.

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